PhD and Work
The PhD programme is an advanced technical-scientific training which provides methodological instruments and competences such as to train professional figures highly-skilled in the field of research and innovation technology.  PhD programmes aim at transferring to PhD candidates an advanced scientific culture, competences and methodological instruments, required to carry out high-quality research activities.
The Doctors of Philosophy is a “problem solver” with high-quality scientific competences, who can cover high-level positions thanks to their ability to face problems autonomously and their aptitude to work in team, often in international contexts. The Doctor of Philosophy is able to support processes of technological transfer and to contribute to the development of innovation culture in their operational context.

During their training, the Doctors of Philosophy engage in dialogue with international scientific community on the most recent themes concerning Research and Development issues, thus contributing to their cultural baggage, familiarizing with new technologies and their consequences on the productive system. Therefore, the Doctor of Philosophy play a strategic role, combining in their profile both Academy and Business.
Doctors of Philosophy are managers of the research, possessing both experience in academic research and knowledge of industrial needs and how to translate outcomes of researches into practice, contributing to raise standards of industrial innovation. The acquired ability of Doctors of Philosophy to combine innovation and  creativity, when elaborating and devising projects and services, is a strategic factor and a characteristic particularly appealing for those SMEs interested in investing in R&D.