The ranking published in the website lists admitted candidates of PhD positions and eligible candidates, that is, those who have obtained an overall score equal or higher than 60/100 points. Those candidates may enrol only in the event that a candidate offered a PhD position declines it, in compliance with the modalities specified in the call for admission (takeover procedure). 
The list of takeovers  will be published in the ranking page; therefore, students are recommended to check it on a regular basis.

After the enrolment, the student will receive the smart card
All Phd candidates are invited to:
- participate in the welcome meeting, where important information is given about the doctoral programmes;
- please read carefully "survival guide-before you start" and the "survival guide" which contain all the information you need before you complete your registration; moreover they include information about Phd students' rights and duties. .

Registration of the welcome meeting of November 25, 2020 and the slides that were presented are available.