Ph.D. in
Urban and Regional Development
Phd programme jointly activated by Politecnico di Torino and Università degli Studi di Torino
The programme is designed to train highly-qualified specialists in urban and territorial development, while promoting the appropriate exploitation of their individual talents, to develop a distinctly multidisciplinary figure, a professional able to adapt to a wide variety of scientific knowledge and areas in a flexible and dynamic way.

The offered training will therefore give to PhD students the possibility to exploit specific skills acquired, to effectively interact with other professionals participating in urban and regional planning projects. Based on multi- and inter-disciplinary PhD skills, the programme intends to move fluidly through the conventional boundaries that separate social sciences from applied technical, engineering, physical-natural sciences.

In order to train specialists who are able to effectively navigate in the global context, the doctoral programme should adopt also a strong international nature, both in the sense of attracting young motivated and qualified scholars from abroad, as well as offering to students a training which corresponds to the highest academic and professional standards, also thank to the contribution of foreign scholars and the organisations of internships in highly qualified institutions. To stay coherent with the adopted approach the training activity is also developed entirely in English.