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The course aims at training experts in production processes and technologies, research, development of materials and their implementation in a wide range of sectors which include both structural and functional materials: semiconductor materials, polymeric, metallic, ceramic and glass materials, composites, nano-structured, and catalytic sensors.
The object of this study are global cultural aspects related to the science and technology of materials such as: metals, ceramics, polymers and composites, both for structural and functional applications. A more specific objective of the PhD program is the study of materials in terms of structure and properties, design, manufacturing and transformation processes, use, characterisation, corrosion and degradation, conservation, recovery and recycling, assembly for engineering purposes, industrial and biomedical. Moreover further objectives are the development of knowledge related to materials for conversion, energy storage and conservation, and technologies for environmental protection.

Of particular importance is the study of properties of surfaces and electrochemical reactions that are produced, the processes and electrochemical technologies, as well as the measures undertaken to protect materials against corrosion. In pursuing these objectives, experimental methods - combined with the simulation and development of theoretical models - are mainly used.