Ph.D. in
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in convention with Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (I.N.Ri.M.) 

INRIM and POLITO have a strong tradition in the science of measurement. In recent years, they have prompted the search fields beyond the classical metrology to the society demands, in order to ensure the safety and sustainable development of environment, food, welfare of citizens, in respect of the resources and the social and natural heritage. 

INRIM and POLITO are active in numerous collaborations and contracts of national and international research, especially the European Metrology Research Program, which has funded the development of the European metrology and that in the next decade, with the program EMPIR, will promote the development of centers of excellence, innovative projects and industrial implications. 

It is therefore proposed a new PhD in Metrology for training in:
  • "Classic" Metrology oriented toward cutting-edge applications based on advanced quantum technologies for the development of reference samples of frequency, electrical quantities and for the measurement of the fundamental constants
  • "Innovative" Metrology oriented toward the development of new fields, for the verification and certification in industrial processes and environmental impact, energy, life sciences, food, space, nanotechnology.