Ph.D. in
Mechanical Engineering
PhD programme in Mechanical Engineering contributes to train researchers and professionals who are able to carry out autonomously research activities and to foster innovation in the field of system and structural mechanics, mechanics of controlled devices, machines and fluids.

In particular, PhD training focuses on system analysis, functional and structural planning, control of machines and machine elements, fluid dynamics, its application in industry sector and geophysics and its interplay with machines.

During the programme, students attend courses on theoretical methodologies, numerical instruments and experimentation techniques to be employed in the study of physical phenomena and their interpretation; the programme offers III-level courses to improve specialized knowledge in the field.

PhD programme promotes international experiences, both organizing period abroad, carrying out researches at international institutions and centres which collaborate with the concerned Department (DIMEAS: department of mechanical and aerospace engineering), and promoting the partecipation to international congresses or organizing seminars, to which well-known scholars are invited.