Ph.D. in
This programme aims at training PhD candidates contributing to fundamental researches in leading sectors and understanding and promoting those aspects which may improve know-how of high-tech activities. Compared to other PhD programmes awarding the same title, this programme is characterized by a focus on theoretical, experimental and computational aspects of physics of matter and complex systems.

It shall be noted that members of Academic Board are also members of two European Union flagships: “Graphene” and “Human Brain”. The Board often invites external experts to collaborate as co-tutors or thesis referees. Board members also have a wide network of relationships with several international research centres. PhD students are thus able to have a direct experience of the activities carried out in advanced experimental and computational laboratories, which represent an integration to departmental laboratories.

The course catalogue is divided in four major areas: 
  1. Experimental Physics of Matter 
  2. Theoretical Physics of Matter 
  3. Physics of Complex Systems 
  4. High Energy Physics
This programme is part of few educational networks comprising institutions of recognized excellence and it has hosted several students, taking part to co-tutelle programmes; many students take also part in exchange programmes based on bilateral agreements. Almost 50% of PhD scholarships are financed from external institutions.