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This PhD programme promotes research and educational activities in fundamental and cutting-edge sectors regarding the rational use and the conversion of energy, such as: renewable energies, environmental impact of energy systems, thermoeconomics, energy systems modelling and energy planning, safety and reliability assessment, nuclear fission and fusion, interiors engineering, internal combustion engines, fuid power and pneumatics, hybrid propulsion systems.   

The main research goals are the advancement of knowledge, technological innovation and improvement of performance of systems and components employed for energy conversion, storage, distribution and utilization, as well as the development of methodologies, equipment and technologies for limiting the environmental impact of energy and transportation systems.  Specific attention is paid to the energy transition issue, both for technological aspects (such as renewable energies impact) and for environmental sustainability (such as CO2 global management).   

The main goals of the educational programme are providing PhD candidates with a common background through several courses such as Global energy trends and outlook, Sustainable transport systems, Energy and smart buildings, Energy for future factories. Additional specific  courses such as Experimental and Computational heat and mass transfer integrate the educational offer, along with interdisciplinary courses, offering a comprehensive overview of the main research areas to PhD students.