welcome from the director
Welcome to the Doctoral School of the Polytechnic University of Turin or ScuDo, as we love to call it in acronym!   

ScuDo represents the beating heart of our University, both in terms of high-level training and high-profile scientific and technological research. It is structured in departments and centers, well placed in the panorama of innovation promoted by the national and international academic world, and tightly connected to the requirements of an environment in rapid technological evolution, from regional to world scale. 
As a true scientific and technological community, the experiences of PhD candidates are intertwined to those of their supervisors and research groups, in the departmental areas of Architecture and Engineering, or in the recently established Interdepartmental Centers. They are also closely related to those of the many professionals and enterprises, that, as research interlocutors, constitute our panorama of action and of daily collaboration for a development coherent with the contingent technical and social public needs. 

Following the previous graduate and master degree courses ScuDo is a third level education. It focuses its activity on the development of the doctoral candidate, through training courses that while transmitting methods, processes, tools and languages of scientific basic and applied research aim at building the necessary skills for those who will be responsible for research, development and innovation. ScuDo also includes the School of Specialization in Architectural and Landscape Heritage which completes and enhances the educational offer, one of the few recognized at national level. 
At the same time, ScuDo is a space for sharing and comparing ideas and results between research groups, internal or of affiliated universities both national and international, through agreements for exchange and collaboration leading many PhD candidates to rewarding experiences abroad. To increase the opportunities of personal development of the PhD candidates and postgraduates more and more shared paths of training and research are organized on the proficient action of partnerships with the professional and industrial world. 

ScuDo is reaching a maturity stage when, in addition to a consolidation of the structure, the improvement is pursued thanks to the involvement of the community of its alumni. Now numerous, they are active in successful businesses and enterprises, as CEOs and founders, and moreover engage in prestigious roles at international research centers, in academia, in public administration and cultural institutions. 

PhD candidates face a rigorous selection and assessment of their work in line with European practices, involving external expert evaluators identified in the international scenario of their specific research theme. For each program ScuDo thus provides a well-qualified and recognized qualification and access to the world of work and the university. 

ScuDo, as our motto “what you are takes you far” says, is the best partner to develop your talents and to project you into a path of personal, professional and social growth!  
Eugenio Brusa