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Thesis co-tutelle
The School offers the possibility to obtain a double PhD degree (Thesis co-tutelle). In fact, it is possible to prepare the PhD thesis partially at Politecnico di Torino and partially in a foreign university, under the supervision of a tutor from each university.
This programme will allow students to achieve a double PhD degree (recognized both in Italy and in the country where the partner university is located) and have an highly-qualifying international research experience. 
Students shall spend no less than 18 months in Politecnico and the establishment of a co-tutelle agreement shall comply with a standard procedure
It is possible to obtain credits from PhD courses attended at the hosting university, but the Academic Board must verify the equivalence of these courses with those offered in III-level course catalogue of Politecnico. In order to be admitted to the final examination, a positive evaluation from the Academic Board shall be obtained. The thesis shall be written in English and be defended at Politecnico di Torino, and members of Examination Board shall come from both the universities involved. Politecnico di Torino will be in charge of paying all the expenses related to the transfer of Examination Board external members. The Doctoral School will send an official statement about the obtainment of PhD title to the partner university.