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Suspension for maternity leave
In the event of a pregnancy, the suspension of PhD programme attendance is mandatory from two months before the date of the birth and for the following three months, or from one month before the date of the birth and for the following four months, if authorized by the specialized practitioner from National Health Service  and competent practitioner.

As soon as a pregnancy is established, the student shall notify the School and programme Coordinator about it.

For the entire length of maternity leave, administrative deadlines are frozen and postponed for the actual length of the suspension.

At the end of maternity leave, students are allowed to ask for an additional suspension period. The additional suspension will lead to a one-year suspension from the programme. The year of suspension starts from the first day of compulsory maternity leave.

In order to be eligible for the additional suspension period, the PhD student is required to submit the necessary request to Doctoral School, before maternity leave period expires, which shall notify the Coordinator of the programme and suspend the student training activities and study plan.

At the end of the one-year suspension, the student shall resume her training and research activities.