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Securing one’s position
The candidates admitted in PhD programmes shall proceed with securing their position online, by paying an amount of 150,00 euro which will be deducted from the total due amount of tuition fees. 

The payment of the amount is mandatory, in order to not lose the right to enrolment in the PhD programme; it shall be made by and no later than the following deadlines:
    • 17th April 2019, for those admitted within the Spring session;
    • 19th July 2019, for those admitted with scholarship within the Summer session;
    • 24th July 2019, for those admittted without scholarship within the Summer session.
Only for Summer session: for the candidate admitted without scholarship, there is more time to allow them to get a doctoral scholarship in the event of the fact that the admitted candidates in the first places of the final ranking list, decide to decline the offered PhD position.