phd scholarships
All the provisions available for the 37th cycle benefit from the PhD scholarship.
The gross annual amount of a PhD scholarship for the academic year 2021/2022 is € 15,343.28 and the duration is equal to the entire duration of the course annually verified. The payment is made monthly. The scholarship amount is increased of 50% in case of periods spent abroad, up to a maximum of 12 months for periods which exceed 15 consecutive days.
The PhD candidate recipient of a scholarship is exempted from the payment of university fees, except for the fixed fee.Candidates who have already benefited from a PhD scholarship in Italy, even partly, will not be able to receipt a second one. The PhD scholarship is not compatible with the research fellowship. Holders of research fellowships, that is civil servants who still receive their salary, can enroll in the PhD programme without a scholarship, keeping their economic benefits.
The scholarships are theme-bound and are associated to specific research topics for which specific competences are required.Candidates interested in one or more theme-bound scholarships must carefully verify the required research fields and competences, as specified in the scholarships fact sheet. Candidates must express their choice for at least 3 scholarships up to a maximum of 5 using this form. Scholarships will be assigned by the Admissions Committee, at the end selection, following the ranking list.
Multimodal learning for vision systemsPolitecnico di Torino / MURTorino
Physics-driven machine learning for robust design and process simulation of advanced aerospace compositesPolitecnico di Torino / MURTorino
AI as support for design, monitoring and maintenance of transport Network BridgesPolitecnico di Torino / MURTorino
Human-Centered AI for Smart EnvironmentsPolitecnico di Torino / MURTorino
Artificial resilience to support intelligent safety-critical systemsPolitecnico di TorinoTorino
Automated Painting: Object Modeling, Trajectory Learning and AdaptationPolitecnico di TorinoTorino
Generative modelling for improved decision making in data-limited applicationsPolitecnico di TorinoTorino
Fair and trustworthy machine learningPolitecnico di Torino / INRIMTorino
Federated Semantic Segmentation architectures on IoT devices using Neural Architecture Search ST Microelectronics TorinoST MicroelectronicsTorino
AI methods based on Digital Factory Twin to monitor production systems CNR STIIMA MilanoCNR STIIMAMilano
Risk-Aware Task and Motion Planning for Human-RobotCNR - CNR STIIMAMilano
Safe Learning Agents in ambienti critici  CNR - CNR ICARNapoli
eXplainable e Reliable AI for smart mobility, internet of medical things and 6G networksCNR - CNR IEIITGenova
Grounded language, action and perception in Industry 4.0 ecosystemsCNR - CNR ISTCRoma
Artificial Intelligence and predictive design for the development and application of innovative materials, processes and devicesCNR - CNR ISMNBologna
Integration and development of methodologies across Control Theory and Artificial Intelligence for optimal control and predictive maintenance in Industry 4.0Università dell’AquilaL’Aquila
Progettazione hardware-software di acceleratori per il macchine learning a bassa potenzaUniversità di Bologna / MURBologna
Apprendimento di strutture e statistiche latenti in segnali industrialiUniversità di Bologna / MURBologna
Metodi di apprendimento e controllo per robot autonomi in scenari industriali complessiUniversità di BolognaBologna
Integrazione di conoscenza di dominio all’interno di modelli data – driven per applicazioni industrialiUniversità di BolognaBologna
Neural symbolic computation for Industry 4.0Università di Ferrara / MURFerrara
AI-based planning and scheduling for transportation systemsUniversità di GenovaGenova
Multi-Agent Systems for Industrial Automation and/or Real-Time Risk / Benefit Assessment in EconomicsUniversità Politecnica delle Marche / MURAncona
AI in the Continuum Computing Era: from Cloud to Edge and back Politecnico di Milano / MURMilano
Improving the efficiency of collaborative robotized assemblies through learningPolitecnico di Milano / MURMilano
Reinforcement Learning for Industry 4.0Politecnico di Milano / MURMilano
Machine Learning and Computer Vision Models for Advanced Industrial MonitoringPolitecnico di Milano / MURMilano
Smart Manufacturing and Intelligent Embedded SystemsUniversità di Milano / MURMilano
Intelligent Analysis of Interaction Data for Industry and CommerceUniversità di Milano / MURMilano
Foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Machine LearningUniversità di Milano / MUR Milano
Subsymbolic Artificial Intelligence for Industry 4.0Università di Milano Bicocca / MURMilano
Symbolic Artificial Intelligence for Industry 4.0Università di Milano Bicocca / MURMilano
AI-based Structural Health Monitoring of civil structures and infrastructures Università del Molise / MUR Campobasso
Intelligent Industrial Robots: perception and planning in human-robot collaboration
Università di Padova / MUR
Machine Learning Algorithms for IOT sensors in bio-physical applicationsUniversità di Padova / MURPadova
Collective intelligence for autonomous motionUniversità di TorinoTorino
Context-aware Methods in Machine Learning and Computer VisionUniversità Ca’ Foscari / MURVenezia
Data Augmentation Approaches for Machine Learning Applications in NeuroImagingUniversità Ca’ Foscari / MURVenezia
Active anomaly detection and forecasting approaches to achieve safe and trustworthy interactions between human operators and intelligent cyber-physical systemsUniversità di Verona / MURVerona
Combining symbolic and sub-symbolic methods to realize explainable decision support systems in safety critical scenariosUniversità di Verona / MURVerona
Resource-efficient deep learning on ICEUniversità di VeronaVerona