phd scholarships
PhD scholarships can be with own research topic or with predefined research topic.
The gross annual amount of the scholarship is usually € 15,343.28, but the Politecnico di Torino has  chosen to further enhance and promote the value of PhD programmes, increasing the amount of the scholarships to € 18.854,52.

All candidates compete for scholarships withown research topic, unless they explicitly waive their right to receive them. 

The scholarships with predefined research topic are associated to particular research topics for which specific skills are required. Those applicants interested in one or more scholarships shall carefully verify which are the field of research and the competences required, as specified in the scholarship descriptive sheet and contact the relevant scientific referee.

The choice of the scholarship (or to waive the right to receive any) shall be made via Apply from 5 days before the beginning of the interviews for the selected PhD programme, up to 12.00 pm (midday - CET) of the day before the beginning of the interview session. The choice made shall not be revoked.
Spring session: 
PhD programmeNo. scholarships withown research topic
Description of scholarships withown research topic
with predefined research topic
of scholarships
predefined research topic
Architecture. History andProject with curriculum in "Transnational Architectural Models in a Globalized World" in convention with the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University22 University scholarships11 University scholarship with curriculum in "Transnational Architectural Models in a Globalized World" in convention with the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University
Architectural and Landscape Heritage33 University scholarships0 
Bioengineering and Medical-Surgical Sciences in collaboration with the Università degli Studi di Torino0 3
Energetics3University scholarships6
Physics2University scholarships0 
Management, Production and Design3University scholarships2
Aerospace Engineering   3
University scholarships

Chemical Engineering4University scholarships2
Civil and Environmental Engineering0 8
Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering (which includes the curriculum in "Electrical Devices", established in convention with National Institute of Nuclear Physics - INFN)8
University scholarships
1 University scholarship/DET
Computer and Control Engineering4University scholarships12
Mechanical Engineering4
University scholarships
Pure and Applied Mathematics in collaboration with the Università degli Studi di Torino, the Consorzio Interuniversitario per l’Alta Formazione in Matematica and the Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica33 University scholarships - PoliTo0 
Metrology, in convention with National Institute of Metrological Research (INRiM)3
University scholarship
1 University scholarship/DET
Materials Science and Technology0 7
Urban and Regional Development in collaboration with the Università degli Studi di Torino33 University scholarships - PoliTo  
At the end of selection procedures, scholarships are allocated on the basis of the position in the ranking list.
The PhD student who has obtained a scholarship is exempted from paying tuition fees, except in the fixed amount.

The duration of the scholarship shall be equal to the length of the entire PhD programme, to be verified annually, and it shall be disbursed on a monthly basis.

The amount of the scholarship shall increase of 50% in the event of international mobility, for a period no longer than 18 months, pursuant to what provided in specific agreements.

Who has already benefited, even partly, of a PhD scholarship in Italy, shall not be entitled to receive a second one. PhD scholarships are not compatible with research fellowships.

The PhD scholarship is subject to the deduction of INPS welfare contributions (art. 2, paragraph 26 of the Law 335/95 and subsequent amendments). From 1st January 2015, the overall deduction has increased by 30% (or by 23,50%, if the beneficiary is registered in other types of compulsory social security systems), of which 2/3 to be covered by the Administration and 1/3 by the boursary. It will be possible to visualize online INPS contributions payslips.

Concerning the compulsory submission of income declaration (730 or UNICO forms), the contributor whose sole income is represented by the received scholarship, shall not be obliged to submit the said declaration. However, students are advised to verify the information every year directly on Agenzia delle Entrate website and on the forms instructions.