results and rankings
Candidates are identified by the FUser available in the “save and submit”  page of the apply procedure
On the website "Interviews" they are published date, time and mode of the interview with an advance of at least 5 days.
The publication of the final ranking lists in this page has an official value, therefore no private communication shall be sent to the applicants.

The rankings list admitted candidates positions and eligible candidates, i.e. those who have obtained an overall score equal or higher than 60/100 points. Those candidates may enrol only in the event that a candidate, who was offered a PhD position, dedines it (takeover procedure)
. For the third selection process there will be no takeover procedure.

In the rankings the following information of any eleigible candidate will be displayed: name and surname of admitted candidates, scholarships awarded, overall score and position.
The positions with scholarship, without scholarship or financed by partner institutions are allocated in compliance with the order of the ranking list. 
The scholarships are offeredon the basis of: 
  • the candidates' position in the ranking; 
  • the suitability of the candidates for undertaking the research connected to any predefined research topic scholarship selected by the candidate.    
The Scholarships with predefined research topic will be allocated by the Selection Board, whose desicion shall not be questionable, and, if possible, taking into account the candidates' preferences.

The candidate who is admitted within the spring session can proceed with the enrolment.
The candidate who is not admitted within the spring session may apply again in the summer session.
The candidate who is not admitted within the summer session may apply again in the third selection process.

The candidate who is not admitted within the summer session but who is ranked among eligible candidates, must wait for takeover procedure to be completed to verify his/her possible admission to the doctorate.

In the event that an applicant was allocated a position in more than one PhD Programmes, the candidate must enrol in only one PhD programme.