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Enrollment to reserved positions
Reserved PhD positions are dedicated to recipients of scholarships, granted by national or international government or public institutions, and to research fellows who have scored at least 60/100 points (that is, those who reached the eligibility threshold).

The candidates who scored at least 60/100 points and want to state their eligibility for admission within the number of reserved positions available, shall contact Doctoral School ( by and no later than 17th April 2019, for admission within the spring session, and 24th July 2019, for admission within the summer session, attaching the necessary documents in support of their application for reserved positions.

The admission of research fellows within reserved positions need the approval of the Academic Board of the concerned PhD programme or the Institution to which they belong, if the fellow does not carry out his/her research at Politecnico di Torino.   
The topic of the research fellowship and of the PhD research shall be the same. For admitting the fellow, the Academic Board shall deliberate on the compatibility of the two research activities with each other. Notwithstanding the preceding, the research fellowship is not compatible with the PhD scholarship.