requirements and procedure for admission
Applications for PhD programmes have to be submitted online via the procedure Apply also accessible from the homepage of Politecnico di Torino website
Applicants who log into the platform for the first time are required to register first.
Graduates and graduands from Politecnico di Torino must log into the Apply@polito platform using their credentials (user: S+number – password: date of birth, in the format “ddggyyyy” or changed password) (   or
To submit the application, applicants are required to possess: Master of Science degree (Italian 2° level specializing Master courses are not equivalent to Master of Science programmes - Laurea magistrale - and they do not allow students to enter any PhD programme), or obtaining this no later than 31st December 2022 and present the following documents, which are partially different based on the country in which the M.Sc degree is obtained.
Applicants with the M.Sc degree awarded in Italy
Applicants with the M.Sc degree awarded in
foreign countries
Master of Science degree (Laurea Magistrale)
with a minimum final mark of 95/110
specialist degree or degree issued in accordance with the regulations prior to the Ministerial Decree 3 November 1999, n. 509 modified with D.M. 22 October 2004, n. 270,
with a minimum final mark of 95/110
minimum GPA of 25/30 in case the title will be obtained by the deadline indicated in the call
(In this case, the master's degree must be achieved
with a minimum final mark of 95/110)
Second level academic qualification according to the Bologna process or Master Degree level
A valid GRE® General Test certificate achieved before the deadline of the application process
If possessing more than one M.Sc. degree, the students shall indicate which degree they want to be evaluated for the purpose of the selection process.
Certificate of English language knowledge
Recognised certificates:
  • IELTS with a minimum score of 5.0;
  • one of the language certificates accepted in substitution for IELTS 5.0 by Politecnico di Torino and listed in the table “Table of 04/12/2017 updated on 26/11/2021 (transitional period)” available at:
  • Otherwise, a certificate stating that students have obtained Bachelor or Master degree, in which English was used as medium of instruction, certifying that “The medium of instruction is English”.
The call for admission can be submitted even if the above certificates have not been obtained yet, but applicants shall obtain one of them before the deadline for the first time enrolment expires (31th December 2022).
In this event, their admission to the selection procedure will be granted under condition that they obtain one among the aforementioned certificates; the failure to submit the said certificate at the time of enrolment shall entail the loss of the right to enrol.
Further to the submission of the application, it is not possible to upload any further document; consequently, in the case of candidates admitted under condition of graduating by the set deadline, it is evaluated their grade point average for the relevant university career, instead than the final mark for the M.Sc. degree. 

The applicant shall pay a non-refundable application fee of € 30,00 for each application submitted (one per each PhD programme). The payment shall be made on-line via credit card (VISA, MasterCard) at the end of the procedure for online registration. The procedure of registration in the call for admission has to be considered as correctly concluded, only after the due amount has been paid and the application submission has been confirmed; afterwards, it will not be possible to edit the application anymore. 

The application has to be considered for all purposes as a self-certification of personal data and degrees obtained. It is a candidate’s responsibility to submit a correct and complete application. All incomplete applications (lack of information or  compulsory attachments; wrong or missing payment of the application fees) and applications received after the set deadlines will be rejected. 

The University retains the right to verify the information provided by applicants, in compliance with what provided for by to art. 71 and subsequent amendments of Presidential Decree n. 445 of 28th December 2000. The  revocation or the exclusion of the candidates may occur at any time, even after the application submission and/or the enrolment, based on supporting evidences, due to the lack of the requirements set in the call.