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Pre-PhD scholarships
Pre-PhD scholarships are reserved to admitted candidates of PhD ordinary positions with scholarship, allocated within the spring session of the call for admission

The above-mentioned scholarships, amounting to 1.300,00 euro, are allocated at maximum for the six months preceding the official starting date of the PhD programmes (1st November 2019).
The foreseen starting dates are as follows:  1st May 2019, 1st June 2019, 1st September 2019.

In order to be awarded a pre-PhD scholarship, it is mandatory to:
    • be allocated a PhD ordinary position with scholarship within the spring session;
    • satisfy all the admission requirements (Master of Science and certificate of English language knowledge);
    • formally accept the position and scholarship allocated within the spring session by the set deadline;
    • submit the formal request for activation of the pre-PhD scholarship, guaranteering one's own presence and availability for the entire duration of the scholarship; 
    • have the approval of the professor supervising the research activity;
    • enroll in the PhD programme within the deadlines scheduled by the Doctoral School.
The research activity shall be carried out countinously and regularly at Politecnico di Torino, or outside its premises, if authorised by the Academic Board of the relevant PhD programme. 

If the candidate who was granted a pre-PhD scholarship does not enrol in the PhD programme, he/she shall refund all the instalments received.