phd in brief
The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), in Italian Dottorato di Ricerca, is the highest degree achievable in the course of university studies and it is recognised worldwide.

PhD programmes have a length of three years and aim at providing students with a high level of scientific and technical culture and methodological instruments required for carrying out research activities in the desired scientific field. At the end of the programme, PhD candidates have acquired competences and training necessary to carry out research activities, not only in academic environment, but also in companies looking for professionals who are able to manage innovation process and interface with both academic environment and productive system. About 50% of recently graduated PhD candidates find an occupation within a company, often abroad, especially in Europe, Canada and United States.

Politecnico has decided to make substantial investments in order to finance PhD programmes, which are deemed strategic in the University agenda and education offer; among the actions taken to reward merit and talent, the number and amount of PhD scholarships have been increased. The annual scholarship has been increased to the minimum amount required by the Law, and the number of scholarships has increased by 25%, with scholarships financed by both Politecnico - by means of university or ministerial funding - and external public and private financing institutions, such as Fondazione CRT and Compagnia di San Paolo. PhD candidates who will get the best results during their training will be awarded additional economical recognitions.