The PhD programme enables to do research in each context. During their training, PhD candidates can choose to synergistically combine academic and business knowledge, enriching the dialogue on the most recent Research & Development themes and familiarizing with new technologies and their consequences on the productive system.

This, for example, is what the Team PIER - Petroleum Innovative Environmental Remediation did. These boys were runners in the international contest of the European Space "ESA's S2UN Challenge" between students of European universities.

The PhD programme is an important element of the European strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive development. It's not a coincidence that the number of PhD candidates in the last 16 years has doubled and it is estimated that Europe needs about 1 million researchers to reach the level of 3% of R&D Intensity Target and to remain competitive. These results were published in the ISTAT report "The employability of Doctors of Research".