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Each PhD candidate is required to fill up the questionnaire about the PhD experience related to the academic year 2016/2017. The document is available on "Portale della didattica".

  Research scholarships for international candidates
The Politecnico of Torino is awarding up to 28 research scholarships to candidates holding a Master’s Degree and willing to undertake a research activity at Doctoral level at the Politecnico of Torino.

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Deadline for submissions: 16th November 2017

 FULL - seminar
The third seminar of the FULL Seminar Series. The seminar: Retail Industry Observatory: the case of Turin will be held by Prof. Luigi Buzzacchi and Prof. Giulio Zotteri.   
The observatory presents, at first, a rather traditional descriptive analysis of retail dynamics, where the spatial variable is not accounted for.   
Then, phisical space is introducted in the analysis, and the dynamics and strategic interactions among retailers and between consumers and retailers become more apparent. Hence, hotspots, where retailers are concentrated, and coldspost with a low retailers’ density are detected. Retailers generate hotspots to serve and attract consumers, but in hotspots they face a tougher competition. 
By using distance-based agglomeration measures, spillover (externality) intensity among stores is captured. Also, by using co-agglomeration measures we can capture the effect of urban amenities on retailers’ location choices, i.e., we can identify urban structures that attract retailers. 
The above analyses are performed both for the whole retail industry and for single product categories. 
Finally, the observatory accounts for the two-way relationship between territory morphology and urban socio-economic phenomena: the distribution of retailers and the variety of their assortment in the space contribute to city structure, accessibility, security and hence to the quality of life in neighbourhoods and the inhabitants’ shopping experience. 
On the other hand, city shape that is the outcome of past choices and traditions, may either bind or promote actual interactions in the retail sector.    

 The presentation will be on Tuesday, November 14, at 11.00, at the FULL Centre, Toolbox, Via Agostino da Montefeltro, 2.

 Unemployment benefits 
From 1st July 2017, the tax rate on your scholarship has increased by 0.51% (1/3 to be covered by the bursary and 2/3 by the Politecnico) because PhD candidates and research fellows (i.e. assegnisti di ricerca) can now apply for the unemployment benefits (DIS-COLL), provided that they have benefited of a PhD scholarship and do not have any VAT registration number, as per art. 7 of law no. 81/2017
The Social Security Service (INPS) has recently published two memorandums (no.115, 19 July 2017 and no.122, 28 July 2017 ) to clarify the minimum requirements to apply for the unemployment benefits: 
  • unemployment status when applying; 
  • involuntary unemployment; 
  • not have any VAT registration number; 
  • at least 3 months of INPS welfare contributions from the 1st January of the previous year until the date of the working relationship termination.  
The unemployment benefits DIS-COLL has a variable duration until a maximum of 6 month, depending on the welfare contributions paid. For any further information on this subject you are invited to contact directly the nearest INPS office; the procedure for the DIS-COLL shall be activated autonomously by the person concerned applying at the Social Security Service.

 ENI Award 2018
The call for the new Eni Award 2018 - Young Researcher of the Year award has been published. 
The award is addressed to Phd doctors who have obtained the title in one of the Italian University and who discussed their PhD thesis during 2016 or 2017. Young people born in 1985 and subsequent years may participate. 
The themes refer to the energy and environmental sectors. 
The deadline to start the procedure to apply is 10th Novembre 2017 (17.00 h. CET).

 GRE General Test
An additional opportunity for those wishing to continue their studies in the best universities of the world. The GRE TEST is an internationally-recognized exam that evaluates candidates’ logical-mathematical skills and provides common measure for comparing the qualifications of applicants, regardless of different educational and cultural backgrounds.  
For the first time, students interested in taking the GRE TEST do it in Torino, at Politecnico, which becomes an official Test Center. 
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