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 Seminars and meeting
Alla ricerca delle ragioni del progetto
You can find information about the seminar "Alla ricerca delle ragioni del progetto: una giornata di confronto sui temi dell’architettura dedicata a Mario Ridolfi e alla sua attività a Terni" here. The seminar will be held on Thursday 13th December 2018 in the Atelier restauro e Progetto with professors Silvia Gron and Emanuele Morezzi.

The official Graduation Ceremony of PoliTo-UniTo Doctoral programs
The official Graduation Ceremony will be held on Monday 17th December at Aula Magna of Università degli Studi di Torino in via Verdi at 10 a.m.

Package of Mobility and Cultural Initiatives
The Board of Directors of Politecnico di Torino decided to extend the Package of Mobility and Cultural Initiatives to all PhD candidates enrolled for the a.y. 2018/2019 in a PhD program with administrative seat at Politecnico di Torino. 
Thanks to this package they will benefit from discounted prices on their travel ticket and Museum pass.   
In order to receive the Package of Mobility and Cultural Initiatives they will have to send a formal request through the online procedure available on their personal page of the Teaching Portal before 28th December 2018, complying with the following instructions.     

Politecnico will refund to a maximum of €150 only travel tickets purchased between 1st July 2018 and 28th December 2018 with a duration between 10 and 12 months (weekly or monthly tickets will not be refunded). Candidates can purchase the ticket from any transport service that allow them to reach their Politecnico campus (GTT, Trenitalia, Arriva – Sadem…)   
In the online procedure they will have to attach a scanned copy of the purchase receipt where their personal data must be clearly stated.   
The sum will be credited on the students’ virtual current account and the refund will be provided directly to the PhD candidates, therefore they will be asked to indicate how they want to receive the refund and it will not be possible to leave the credit on the personal page to pay the university fees.  

Through the online procedure PhD candidates can ask for the Museum Pass activated from January 2019; they are requested to pay a contribution of 8€. This contribution will have to be paid during the online procedure according to the modalities indicated. It will not be possible to complete the request before paying the contribution.   
In January the Associazione Musei will contact interested PhD candidates to provide them with information to activate the Museum Pass. Further information about the Museum Pass are available at this link. 

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PhD thesis consultation
The CLA language experts are available to help PhD candidates to identify their areas of difficulty when writing their thesis in English. The aim is to help authors improve their academic writing skills. It is not a proofreading service.  The service is available by appointment, for a 30-minute session.
To book a consultation, write to, stating your availability. Please come to the appointment with a clear idea of which section of your thesis you would like to work on and bring a printed copy of this area, leaving enough space for notes.

GRE General Test
An additional opportunity for those wishing to continue their studies in the best universities of the world. The GRE TEST is an internationally-recognized exam that evaluates candidates’ logical-mathematical skills and provides common measure for comparing the qualifications of applicants, regardless of different educational and cultural backgrounds.  
For the first time, students interested in taking the GRE TEST do it in Torino, at Politecnico, which becomes an official Test Center. 

Available date to take the test at Politecnico di Torino:
- 15th January 2019 at LAIB 3
- 14th February 2019 at LAIB 3
- 14th March 2019 at LAIB 3
- 16th April 2019 at LAIB 3
- 28th May 2019 at LAIB 3
- 28th June 2019 at LAIB 3

To enroll:

Unemployment benefits 
From 1st July 2017, the tax rate on your scholarship has increased by 0.51% (1/3 to be covered by the bursary and 2/3 by the Politecnico) because PhD candidates and research fellows (i.e. assegnisti di ricerca) can now apply for the unemployment benefits (DIS-COLL), provided that they have benefited of a PhD scholarship and do not have any VAT registration number, as per art. 7 of law no. 81/2017
The Social Security Service (INPS) has recently published two memorandums (no.115, 19 July 2017 and no.122, 28 July 2017 ) to clarify the minimum requirements to apply for the unemployment benefits: 
  • unemployment status when applying; 
  • involuntary unemployment; 
  • not have any VAT registration number; 
  • at least 3 months of INPS welfare contributions from the 1st January of the previous year until the date of the working relationship termination.  
The unemployment benefits DIS-COLL has a variable duration until a maximum of 6 month, depending on the welfare contributions paid. For any further information on this subject you are invited to contact directly the nearest INPS office; the procedure for the DIS-COLL shall be activated autonomously by the person concerned applying at the Social Security Service.