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Innovation for Change
The fourth edition of Innovation for Change is starting, an initiative organized for the second year by the Politecnico di Torino, SAFM (Scuola di Alta Formazione al Management) and CERN. 
It is a competition between multidisciplinary teams, which aims to find an innovative solution to some global issues, according to an entrepreneurial startup program that uses breakthrough technologies. 

Eight teams of MBA students of SAFM and phd students of the Politecnico di Torino, with a background of high technical level, which over the next five months will work in Geneva and in Turin between training sessions and group work. Within each team must be present transversal skills to promote a diversified approach on both the theoretical and practical plan.   The project will also involve collaboration with several institutions and companies, will indicate to the students the challenges on which to focus their efforts to find practical solutions: These partners will propose the global challenges based on the 17 United Nation Goals for sustainable development.   
The next phase is dedicated to the creation of the model solution and will last five months, until June. Students will be supported by alumni SAFM who have become entrepreneurs or work in large industrial groups, as well as by researchers at CERN and Politecnico. In their work they can use tools and advanced technology solutions, but already widely used and tested, up to the realization of prototypes ready for the next phase of development for the market. IdeaSquare, the experimental structure of CERN dedicated to projects of research and development and interdisciplinary programs, will be at the students’ disposal to work on these projects.    

In support of the working groups will be provided with various resources from the Politecnico and CERN, in the form of access to research, patents and technologies, in addition to the involvement of teachers, scientists and experts. At deadline, each team must submit the designed solution and the technology that underlies it. Finally, a panel of top talent will decide the winning design. Food and Health were the 2017 edition themes. SoundBubble, the winning project, 
is a software for smartphones that solve noise issues in work environments. It let you select the sounds and voices you want to hear and the people you want to talk to, excluding all the other surrounding noise.

To apply send your CV, a brief resume about your main research topic (max. 10 lines) and a motivation letter to  
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