Final oral defence
In order to take the final oral defence, candidates shall comply with requirements concerning training and research activities and obtain positive evaluation of their thesis from Academic Board. 

In order to take part to the final examination, PhD candidates are required to:
  • Enroll on line;
  • Pay 32,00 € to cover expenses related to stamp duty and issuance of diploma;
  • Fill in the evaluation questionnaire about their experience as PhD candidates, which can be found in the personal page of Teaching Portal.
The procedure for final oral defence is detailed in this document for 33rd cycle and in this document for 34th.
Examination Boards shall be appointed by Rectoral Decree. Name and contacts of Board members will be available online in "cruscotto". The supervisor updates the final examination calendar with the date and place of examination indicated by the Board. The modalities and timetable of examination established by the Board shall not be disregarded.
Due to Covid-19 emergency, the final defences are on line or in a mixed mode.
There are two vademecum for the final defence on line:
For members with the right to vote belonging to the Examination Board and coming from outside Turin a mission expenses reimbursement is provided, according to the Politecnico di Torino Regulation. The reimbursement request shall be sent to the Doctoral School.

A common layout for the Doctoral dissertation has been drafted both in Word and in Latex
You can download the Latex layout from the dropbox with the instructions.
You should upload your Doctoral dissertation using a PDF/A file format, in order to preserve it correctly.

In addition, a circular on Coyright and Industrial and Intellectual Property has been prepared, as weel as some guidelines on plagiarism and self-plagiarism and a summary video.
Two manuals for using Turnitin anti-plagiarism software are available: the first for the PhD student and the second for the supervisor. 
The CLA language experts are available to help PhD candidates to identify their areas of difficulty when writing their Doctoral dissertation in English. The aim is to help authors improve their academic writing skills. It is not a proofreading service.  The service is available by appointment, for a 30-minute session. To book a consultation, write to, stating your availability. Please come to the appointment with a clear idea of which section of your thesis you would like to work on and bring a printed copy of this area, leaving enough space for notes.

Conditionally to the successful passing of final oral defence, a copy of the Doctoral dissertation will be automatically uploaded in University repository. With rectoral decree no. 87 of 15 February 2019 Polito's Policy about Open Access to scientific publications was issued. The Doctoral dissertation will be available online with open access on the institutional archive IRIS (if there isn't an embargo).
How to collect your degree parchment
The parchment is usually collected during a ceremony, but it is also possible to collect the parchment:
- booking an appointment at Scudo Office
The booking procedure is accessible from your personal page of the teaching portal, by entering the section "My academic progress - la mia didattica" , box "My bookings - Le mie prenotazioni" and clicking on "Vai al Tool Prenotazioni". Within the section "Categories for which you can make a reservation" click on "Scuola di Dottorato" (PLEASE NOTE: if the option is not available is because the parchment is not available yet. In this case you have to check again in the following days). In case of collection by a delegate, the delegate must present himself at the desk with proxy, his identity document + copy of the same, photocopy of the identity document of the delegate;
- requesting the shipment (only for the information about the shipment refer to this page)
The last ceremony for degree parchment was on 8th March 2022: you can watch the video

Regarding the collection of diploma obtained in 1987-1998, it is required to contact MIUR, instead.