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Enrolling without scholarship
Students without scholarships shall enrol on-line from October 3, 2018 to October 17, 2018. The term is not mandatory for those who graduate between 18 and 31 October 2018.

For the on-line enrolment you should use the Apply procedure.
In order to enrol you must have a Social Security Number (the italian “Codice Fiscale”).
Successful international candidates who are not in Italy should request the Social Security Number via the Italian Consular Office / Embassy issuing the entry visa for Italy.

At the end of the online enrolment procedure, it is displayed the date and time at which the candidate is required to come at Doctoral School in order to complete the identification and documents verification procedures. In that occasion, the following documents shall be delivered: 
  • Photocopy of a duly signed identification document; 
  • Photocopy of italian tax code ("Codice Fiscale"); 
  • Original hard-copy of the certification of English language knowledge.
in addition:
For those candidates who obtained the II level (M.Sc.) title abroad:
  • Original hard-copies of M.Sc. Degree certificate and transcript of records with marks, written in Italian, English, French, Portuguese or Spanish by the issuing University;
  • Original hard copy of GRE® General Test, submitted during the application

For those candidates who were awarded a II level (M.Sc.) title by an Italian institution after the closure of the competition and applied for admission under condition of obtainment of the required title:
  • Certificate or self-declaration of M.Sc. Degree completion, with grade, date and place of obtainment. 

Despite individual convocations, candidates are required to come at the Doctoral School to complete the identification and document verification procedures by November 6th, 2018. 

If you are attending a PhD programme you only have to pay the cost of the revenue stamp, the Regional tax for the Right to University Education and the insurance, even if you not have any scholarship (Tuition Fee Guide 2018/2019).