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Enrolling with scholarship
Admitted applicants who have accepted their offer of admission must enrol in the programme from 3rd  October 2019 and absolutely no later than  6th November 2019. Failure to do so entails that they are excluded by the application process to the PhD.
Recipients of Pre-PhD scholarships must complete the enrollment by the deadlines indicated by the Doctoral School.

The enrolment procedure has two phases and is considered completed upon conclusion of both phases.
In order to enrol, you must have a Social Security Number (the italian “Codice Fiscale”).
Successful international candidates, who are not living in Italy, should request the Social Security Number via the Italian Consular Office / Embassy issuing the entry visa for Italy.

First phase - online enrolment (deadline: 31st October 2019):
PhD candidates must enrol online from the Apply platform and simultaneously pay the cost of the revenue stamp, the Regional tax for the Right to University Education and the insurance.
Applicants who received a “conditional offer of admission” can enrol in the programme within the deadlines following the online procedure exclusively after their provisional condition has been dropped. In particular:
- applicants who obtained their Master’s degree after the deadline for application submission must enter the information on their degree (final grade, date and place of conferral);
- applicants who obtained their English language certificate after the deadline for application submission must enter the information on their certificate (type of certificate, grade, date and place of conferral);
- applicants who were enrolled in another PhD programme, Bachelor's/ Master's degree programme, 1st and 2nd level Specializing Master's programme, Graduate School (except as provided in art. 7 of DM 45/2013) at another Italian/international university or research centre, must declare that they undertake to withdraw or suspend their studies.

Second phase - enrolment at the Doctoral School (deadline: 6th November 2019):
Upon conclusion of online enrolment, applicants will be invited to come to the Doctoral School on a specific date and time for the second phase of the enrolment. PhD candidate need to provide the following documents:
a) photocopy of their  identification document passport;
b) original hard copy of the English language;
in addition:
Applicants with a non-Italian academic qualification must also provide:
c) original hard copy of their GRE® General Test, submitted during the application process;
d) original hard copy of their Master’s degree and transcript of records written in Italian, English, French, Portuguese or Spanish by the issuing University;

Applicants who are employed must present to the Doctoral School, within 6th November 2019, a declaration on their current job.

Upon conclusion of the enrolment process, PhD candidates will receive their smart cards.

The enrolment process must be completed no later than 6th November 2019. Failure to do so entails that they will be excluded by the application process to the PhD. 

In compliance with provisions on this matter, PhD candidates receiving a scholarship shall register with INPS welfare contributions. The registration shall be done only via electronic link by the concerned scholarship recipient. The service is available on INPS website. In order to access the registration area, contributors shall use a PIN given by INPS, to be used along with social security number. Those who won’t be able to complete the registration with INPS before enrolment, can register after it, submitting to Doctoral School the receipt of registration subsequently. INPS free phone number is 803.164.