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Course offered
The courses can be divided into three macro categories: Hard skills (Technical Skills), Soft skills (Transversal skills) and Excellence (Excellence training).

The Doctoral School offers a catalogue of III Level Courses (Hard skills) to PhD students, in order to improve their knowledge of specialized technical issues.

In order to properly meet the new needs of Society and foster technological progress, the School aims at transferring to their students not only technical competences but also transferable skills which contribute to develop an higher awareness of the need for interdisciplinarity, team-working, linguistic and IT enhancement, improvement in the field of research management and knowledge of European and international research systems, exploitation of research results and intellectual property, and construction of future professional careers. The Courses on transferable skills (Soft skills) belongs to the catalogue of Third Level Courses and some of them are available in e-learning, for integration and enhancement of the courses thaught in class.

Every year, the School invites lecturers of proven scientific relevance to hold high level courses for PhD students, in addition to those offered by internal scholars. These courses, developing transferable skills, highly required by employers and in line with the mission and strategic scientific policy-making of the PhD prorgamme, or, more exactly, of various PhD programmes, are called "High Qualification Courses (Excellence training)". Their catalogue is updated every semester and they represent an opportunity to provide a broader view to PhD students on research related topics.