For Academic year 2021/2022, the Doctoral School offers 16 courses and 2 National programmes pertaining to four research areas: Civil Engineering & Architecture, Information and Communications Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Physical, Chemical and Mathematical Sciences for Engineering.

The School Board approved a revision of modalities for accounting of training and research activities, applicable to enrolment of PhD students in XXIX and subsequent cycles. A system which calculates educational activities, publications and external activities has been defined (it is called "cruscotto"). For each of these issues, the School Board has defined a score to be obtained by the end of the three-year term of PhD programme. 

So the School has developed an accounting system of PhD activities, a summary and some FAQ about publications.
Documents on specific regulation are available at the page Legislation.

Politecnico di Torino also recognizes the number of hours you have attended in external technical and specialised courses and external courses on soft skills.