artificial intelligence
The National PhD Programme in Artificial Intelligence is implemented through the establishment of five doctorates joined together, which gather a wide range of Universities and research institutions. Each course is specialized in a strategical and specific area of development and implementation of AI technologies, and is referred to a lead Athenaeum:
Politecnico di Torino is the leader in the area of expertise “Industry 4.0”, in partnership with the following institutions: CNRUniversità di BolognaPolitecnico di MilanoUniversità degli Studi di Milano, Università di PadovaUniversità di Milano BicoccaUniversità Ca’ FoscariUniversità di Verona.
Access to the National PhD Programme in Artificial Intelligence occurs through a competition, as provided for in the call for application. The selection takes place on the basis of the candidates’ qualifications and an interview, which means the candidates’ abilities are evaluated through the examination of their educational and scientific curriculum and a mandatory interview.
The admission procedure is divided into the following phases:
No personal messages will be sent to candidates. Any candidate is required to check the updates right at this website. In particular, please take note that:
  • Date, hour and interview modalities for each applicant will be published on 29th July 2022 here. The absence from the interview, in presence or remotely, entails the exclusion from the competition.
  • All the interview will be held exclusively in videoconference, in the manner which will is provided in the interviews schedule.
Candidates are identified through the FUser found on the summary page of the Apply procedure.
In the table below you can find the information about the selection.
The publication of the final rankings on this page has the value of official communication to the interested parties, therefore no personal communications are sent.
The ranking lists the winners of a doctoral position who can proceed with the enrollment and the suitable candidates, i.e. those who have obtained a score equal to or higher than 60/100.
Candidates are invited to read the "Survival guide-before you start" to get the complete picture of the procedures to follow to complete the enrollment and other useful information to know before the start of the doctorate.
Once you read the call for application, you can submit your application through the Apply procedure.
Applicants who log into the platform for the first time and those students who do not own a student matriculation in Politecnico di Torino are required to register first. Graduates and graduands from Politecnico di Torino access through the Portale della Didattica ( using their credentials (user: S+number – password: date of birth, in the format “ddmmyyyy” or changed password).
In order to access the competition, candidates must earn their Master’s Degree by 31st October 2022.
The selection occurs through evaluation of qualifications and an interview.
Documents which must be submitted through the platform are specified in the call for application.
Only candidates who scored a minimum of 40 points in the evaluation of qualifications are admitted to the interview.
Candidates admitted to the oral examination must express their choice for at least 3 up to a maximum of 5 scholarships starting from 31st August 2022 to 4th September 2022 at 12.00 pm (noon, CET) through the on-line procedure available on the platform.
The topic of the interview are the professional and educational curriculum, the candidates’ scientific and cultural interests. Furthermore, the interview must verify the candidates own the basic disciplinary knowledge necessary in order to attend the PhD and to implement the specific research topics provided by the scholarship topics.
All the interview will be held exclusively in videoconference, in the manner which will be provided in the interviews schedule. All the candidates will be required to show their identification document during the interview.