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Admission procedures
International students compete for positions and scholarships with the same modalities of Italian applicants. Those candidates who obtained their title abroad, are admitted in a PhD porgramme only if they have an M.Sc. degree (i.e. 2° level title, as defined in the Bologna process) issued by an officially recognised academic institution and granting admission in a PhD programme in the country of issuance of the title.    

To request the declaration of conformity of the candidate's titles, whose validity is limited to the purpose of this call, issued by the University Board, it is mandatory to attach to the application form: 

  • Certificate (or self-certification, if applicable) of Master of Science with grade/GPA; 
  • Transcript of records (or self-certification, if applicable) of exams given during the M.Sc. career, with grades/GPA; 
  • Any other document useful for the purpose of the declaration of conformity of the candidates' titles (for example: Diploma Supplement, declaration of value). 
Documents shall be issued by the University in one of the following languages: Italian, English, French, Portuguese or Spanish.

If you have already obtained a declaration of equivalence issued by an Italian university, it is sufficient to attach a self-certification concerning that title to the application form. 

The said documents shall be attached to the form (Apply@polito) by the deadline established in the call for admission.