As provided for in the call for application and shown in this tutorial, admission to PhD programmes is granted to those who pass a competitive selection procedure. The selection is based on the evaluation of candidates' qualifications and interview. Their competences are assessed both by verifying their academic and scientific resume and by means of a mandatory interview.

In order to take part to the selection process, Politecnico di Torino requires applicants to hold a degree of Master of Science along with an internationally recognised certificate of knowledge of English language
In the case the degree is awarded in Italy: the applicant must obtain a minimum graduation mark or grade point average (GPA). In the case the degree is awarded in a foreign university: the applicant must present GRE score report.
The selection process for admission in PhD programmes is divided in two separate sessions, the spring session and the summer session. A third selection process could be scheduled for September.
The process of admission is divided in these phases: Politecnico di Torino will not send any individual message to the applicants. The candidates will be required to check the updates on the website. Please, note that:
  • The date, time and interview modalities for each applicant will be published on the Doctoral School web site  at least 5 days before the interview.  Failure to attend the interview, both in presence or remotely, entails the exclusion of the applicant from the selection process. 
  • Applicants interested in one PhD scholarship with predefined research topic or in any PhD positions offered in apprenticeship format must log into the platform and select the choice they are interested in from the list. Applicants can make their choice 5 days before the beginning of the interviews of the relevant PhD programme and up to 12.00 a.m. (noon, CET) of the day before the interviews begin. Applicants who do not select any PhD scholarship with predefined research topic and/or any PhD positions offered in apprenticeship format will compete exclusively for PhD scholarships with own research topic.