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As provided for in the call for application, admission to PhD programmes is granted to those who pass a competitive selection procedure. The selection is based on the evaluation of candidates' titles and interview. Their competences are assessed both verifying their academic and scientific resume and by means of a mandatory interview.

In order to take part to the selection procedure, Politecnico di Torino requires applicants to hold a title of Master of Science along with an internationally recognised certificate of English language knowledge

In the case the title is awarded in Italy: the applicant must obtain a minimum graduation mark or grade point average (GPA).
In the case the title is awarded in a foreign university: the applicant must present GRE General Test certificate.

The selection procedure for admission in PhD programmes is divided in two separate sessions, the spring session and the summer session.

The process of admission is divided in several phases: 
  • Application submission 
  • Formal evaluation of documentation 
  • Evaluation of the curriculum and definition of a ranking for the interview 
  • Interview and definition of the provisional list of access to the PhD program 
  • Winning candidates securing their position 
  • Final ranking for the access to the PhD program 
  • Enrollment
During the process any information will be sent by e-mail to candidates who will be required to check the updates on the website.