Ph.D. in
Chemical Engineering
PhD programme in Chemical Engineering aims at training highly-qualified professionals with a focus on promoting innovation in the field of chemical engineering and process engineering.

The training process is developed on two fronts. On the one hand, it comprises a teaching part, in which courses are taught traditionally and course load can be personalized on the basis of each student’s needs, such as to fill any scientific and cultural gaps.
Acquiring the mentality and methodologies required to foster innovation is a goal achievable by means of focused studies on process and products innovation. PhD students are not only supervised by their tutor, but they have also the opportunity to engage in an exchange of ideas with other members of Academic Board.

Concerning the modalities of courses attendance, usually students shall acquire basic knowledge and competences during first year, while also deciding what will be their research topic, under their tutor’s supervision. In second year they shall focus on research activity and taking part to specialized seminars. Between second and third year, a term is often spent abroad, studying and researching at other universities or research centres, in order to further develop their research.