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Career Opportunities
The medical device market is constantly growing and becoming comparable to the drugs market. In this area, the space for further technological innovations that result from extensive scientific and medical researches is huge, also thanks to the development of new areas of research as described above and inter-disciplinary contexts, such as nanotechnology.

In this context, the companies that produce medical devices, in particular implantable ones, need to find experts that are able to secure sufficient technological innovation, making their products competitive on the market. Similarly, public hospitals and private clinics need qualified personnel capable of interacting with technology providers to ensure increasingly advanced, competitive and high-quality services. The professional environment must also be characterized by a careful and thorough knowledge of the regulatory frameworks for medical devices, which are increasingly stringent and constantly evolving.

The aim of this PhD is to create professionals able to interact with healthcare structures, companies and universities, and to be able to work driven by initiative and entrepreneurship, such as to support the consolidation processes, the evolution and innovation of the local systems of small and medium enterprises in order to strengthen their competitiveness, especially in the field of new technologies applied to medicine and surgery.