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Call for Admission to PhD CLUSTER programs at Politecnico di Torino (XXIX Cycle)
(deadline for the submission of application: April, 28 2014)

All those interested in applying for a CLUSTER PhD (XXIXth cycle) position are required to complete the procedure on Apply by 3 p.m. on Monday, 28th April 2014. This will allow ScuDo (scudo@polito.it) to ensure its support in the event that some IT problems may occur.

In order to apply for admission, you must hold a:
  • Master's Degree

    Will be able to apply:

    - Candidates who obtained a Master's Degree in Italy with a minimum mark of 95/110;
    - Candidates who obtained any other equivalent (II level) academic qualification abroad with a minimum average grade as expressed in Appendix B of the call for admission;
    Those candidates who have been awarded two (or more) second level Degrees, will have to state in Apply@polito.it (after choosing the PhD program desired), only the one they want the Commission to take into consideration for the purposes of admission.

  • Certificate of proficiency in English
    - IELTS with a minimum score of 5.0;
    - TOEFL Internet based test with a minimum score of 77, or Computer-based test with a minimum score of 210, or Paper-based test with a minimum score of 547;
    - Cambridge ESOL examinations – General English exams with minimum level PET pass with merit.
    (All of the above-mentioned certificates are considered as valid regardless of their date of attainment).

    Alternatively, candidates can prove they own a Bachelor degree or Master Degree obtained from a University providing training courses in English language, handing in an official declaration issued by the university stating that “The medium of instruction is English”.

    Citizens of countries where an official language is English are also exempted from having to submit the English certificate.

    To apply it is necessary to use the electronic form Apply@polito.

    Candidates who have not graduated at Politecnico di Torino must access the procedure through the link Apply@polito.it, accessible from Politecnico's homepage or at the bottom of this page.

    Applicants who have graduated or are about to graduate at Politecnico di Torino must, instead, access the procedure through "Portale della Didattica", using their own credentials (username: Sidnumber - password: date of birth in "ddmmyy" format, or customised password).

    On your personal page you will find a button which will link you directly to the second part of Apply@Polito.it

    The portal Apply@Polito consists of 2 parts:

    The first is the registration part, where you will be asked for your personal details. After providing the required details, you will receive a username and password, which will allow you to access the second part and log in again.

    In the second part, you will find the forms which must be completed for enrollment.

    It is necessary to complete each form or the application will be considered incomplete!

    You can apply for multiple PhD programs. For each program, you will be required to deposit a non-refundable processing fee of € 30.00.

    Only after selecting the specific program, will you be able to see the CLUSTER related projects.

    Once payment is made, you cannot change the choice of PhD program, but you can add a new PhD program, making another payment of a non refundable processing fee of € 30.00.

    You can pay online by credit card (VISA, MasterCard). At the end of the registration process, you will find a link which will guide you through the payment process.

    Until the payment is made, the application cannot be considered concluded.

    You will be required to submit the following documentats:
    1. copy of a valid identification document (both sides) bearing the photo and signature;

    2. certificate or self-certification* of Bachelors of Science degree (1st Level), with related marks, graduation date and place;

    3. certificate or self-certification* of Masters of Science degree (2nd Level), with related marks, graduation date and place;

    4. certificate or self-certification* attesting the knowledge of the English language, with related marks, certificate issue date and place (as indicated above);

    5. certificate or self-certification* of examinations passed during Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science, with related marks, date and place of obtainment;

    6. abstract of the thesis/dissertation of Masters of Science: the report must have a maximum length of two pages (4,000 characters). It must be written in English;

    7. short report on the scientific interests and motivations for the PhD: the report must have a maximum length of two pages (4,000 characters). It must be written in English;

    8. names and e-mail addresses of two professors/teachers of Italian or foreign universities whom the selection board may contact to obtain relevant data to carry out a more detailled assessment;

    9. GRE (General Test or Subject Test compatible with PhD program), GMAT or equivalent certificate with test results;

    10. any other document that you think useful for the purposes of admission (awards, professional activities, publications, etc.);

      * The extra-EU students can use self-certification only for the data and facts which can be backed up by Italian public administration and only if they hold a valid Italian residence permit which must be attached to the self-certification.

    Candidates who are in possession of a foreign degree: please be aware that your titles will be evaluated in advance by a Committee for the recognition of eligibility of the title.


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