Dottorato Nazionale in
Intelligenza Artificiale
Courses offered
PhD students can participate in transversal training activities, also on-line, common to all courses activated by POLITO and the other universities and affiliated institutions, of deepening the use of the main computer systems, also of a specialized nature as well as, if necessary, to the alignment courses on basic skills in programming and database management activated at POLITO and the other universities and affiliated institutions.
Courses offered by the PoliTO Doctoral School:
  • “Entrepreneurship & start-up creation”
  • "Lean startup and lean business for innovation management”
  • “Navigating the hiring process: CV, tests, interview”
  • “Personal branding”
  • “Thinking out of the box”
  • “Intercultural & interpersonal management”
It is foreseen to pool the experiences gained in this area both within the convention incardinated in POLITO and in the other components of the National PhD in AI.PhD students in AI will attend common training experiences and activities, both basic and specialized, offered by the five PhDs federated in To this end, the curricula of the doctorates will have to foresee an obligation to carry out these activities, also off-site. The PhDs will offer to their doctoral students the coverage for the expenses of participation in these activities. In particular, in addition to courses on foundational issues, there will be courses on emerging issues related to the Trustworthy AI theme, that characterizes the EU strategy for AI, such as, for example, courses on methods for Explainable AI, Ethics and Law of AI, Safety and Robustness, Fairness, Equity, and Justice of AI systems, Distributed AI, Sustainable AI (in the double meaning of sustainable AI technologies and AI systems that help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030), Social acceptability and adoption of AI. 
The National Phd Program encompasses common training activities and you will find the program and registration procedures below:
Fall School, November 21-25, 2022: Program and registration form