Ph.D. in
Aerospace Engineering
The PhD programme in Aerospace Engineering offers students the opportunity to improve their competences and to take part in training and research activities in the field of aeronautic and space engineering.

To achieve this goal, the course programme consists of two essential elements: training and research. Both of these aspects, joined together, aim to stimulate intellectual growth and to develop the ability to understand problems and to critically analyze solutions related to research, both basic and applied, in the aerospace field.

The training programme includes the typical aerospace disciplines and extends over transversal topics and technologies, in order to provide the student with a complete scientific preparation.

The specific research carried out during the PhD programme must be innovative and concern advanced problems in the aerospace field. During the activity, progress is constantly monitored by the advisor and periodically evaluated by the Academic Board. Furthermore, the development of part of the research activity at prestigious international universities is increasingly encouraged. Finally, the student must document the activity performed and the results achieved in the final thesis as well as in articles published in journals or presented at international conferences.